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Welcome to the home page for the open-source Apache SpamAssassin Project.

Apache SpamAssassin is the #1 Open Source anti-spam platform giving system administrators a filter to classify email and block spam (unsolicited bulk email).

It uses a robust scoring framework and plug-ins to integrate a wide range of advanced heuristic and statistical analysis tests on email headers and body text including text analysis, Bayesian filtering, DNS blocklists, and collaborative filtering databases.

Apache SpamAssassin is a project of the Apache Software Foundation (ASF).


2020-01-28: Apache SpamAssassin 3.4.4 has been released! Apache SpamAssassin 3.4.4 is primarily a security release. In this release, there are bug fixes for two CVEs:

2019-12-11: Apache SpamAssassin 3.4.3 has been released! Apache SpamAssassin 3.4.3 contains numerous tweaks and bug fixes as we prepare to move to version 4.0.0 with better, native UTF-8 handling. There are a number of functional patches, improvements as well as security reasons to upgrade to 3.4.3. In this release, there is also one new plugin and there are bug fixes for two CVEs:

*** On March 1, 2020, we will stop publishing rulesets with SHA-1 checksums. If you do not update to 3.4.2 or later, you will be stuck at the last ruleset with SHA-1 checksums. ***

立马加速器Happy Birthday! Apache SpamAssassin turned 18.

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